KPI, Pressure switches for light industry
Danfoss KPI pressure switches are used for regulating, monitoring and alarm systems in industrial applications.
The KP series are suitable for plant in connection with liquid and gaseous media.

They are fitted with a single-pole switch changeover (SPDT).
  • Pressure ranges: - 0.2 to 28 bar
  • High contact load
  • Ultra short bounce-time
  • Available with gold plated contact systems
  • Adjustable differential
  • Enclosure IP44 when mounted with top cover and back plate


Pressure Transmitter for industrial applications, Type MBS 3000 and MBS 3050

The compact pressure transmitter, type MBS3000, is designed for use in almost all industrial applications, and offers a reliable pressure measurement, even under harsh environmental conditions.

The compact heavy duty pressure transmitter MBS 3050 with integrated pulse-snubber   is designed for use in hydraulic applications with severe medium influences like cavitation, liquid hammer or pressure peaks and offers a reliable pressure measurement, even under harsh environmental conditions.
The flexible pressure transmitter program covers different output signals, absolute and gauge (relative) versions, measuring rangers from 0-1 to 0-600 bar and a wide range of pressure and electrical connections.

Excellent vibration stability, robust construction, and a high degree of EMC/EMI protection equip the pressure transmitter to meet the most stringent industrial requirements.


Solenoid valves

Danfoss solenoid valve bodies and electrical coils are normally supplied separately and then combined.

They are assembled quickly and simply without tools, providing optimum product flexibility and availability.

If a coil does need to be replaced, it can be done without stopping or draining any system.

The solenoid valves are also available as assembled units if required.

Temperature sensors

The Danfoss range of temperature sensors is based on decades of global experience within the marine industry and in refrigeration plants-undoubtedly some of the toughest environments around.

Even in these demanding surroundings you can trust our products; they have a long life thanks to their robust design.

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