The VLT® 2800

Product Range
1 x 200–240 V AC 0.37–4.0 kW
3 x 200–240 V AC 0.37–4.0kW
3 x 380–480 V AC 0.55–18.5 kW 
The VLT® 2800
The VLT® 2800 series is optimised for general purpose drive applications up to 18.5 kW. Includes factory built-in brake chopper and coated printed circuit boards

Features ans benefits

-  Product safety
• 100% earth fault protection
• Mains transient protection
• Switching on input
• Switching on output
• Galvanic isolation
• Designed according to EN50178

-  Short circuit resistant
The VLT® 2800 will survive even short
circuit of motor cables and short circuit of signal cables

-  Automatic Motor Tuning (AMT)
Measures the motor parameters to ensure optimal match between drive and motor thus increasing performance
of your drive Application and saving commissioning time

-  Compliance with  EMC Standards
Built-in EN 55011 1A filter, 25 m screened cable

-  Real side-by-side mounting

-  DC-coil built in for harmonic

-  Built in  Process Closed  Loop Control

-  Built in wobble function
The wobble function is used for the traverse function on a textile winder.
VLT 2800 operates a motor, which turns a grooved drum. During
winding, the grooved drum places the thread in the correct position on
the bobbin, in a diamond pattern

-  Precise stop
Conventional units rely on a periodic scan of the digital inputs, which
initiates the Stop command. This can result in uneven delays while the
drive scans all the other parts of the program taking up to perhaps 10 ms.
This is a disadvantage in typical packaging applications.

-  Dry run detection
New features improve pump operation signifi cantly and result in
improved energy savings as well as pump protection in case of dry run

-  Accessories 
The VLT® Motion Control Tool
MCT 10 Setup Software exploits
the full functionality of your PC,
providing a general overview and
control of even large systems



Mains supply (L1, L2, L3):
Supply voltage
1 x 200–240 V ±10%,
3 x 200–240 V ±10%
3 x 380–480 V ±10%

Output data (U, V, W):
Output voltage.
0–100% of supply voltage

Output frequency
0– Max Hz (U/f mode)

Digital inputs  5
- Fully programmable
- Pulse input (0-65 kHz)

 Analogue inputs  2
   Fully scaleable
 -1 Voltage input (0-10 V)
 - 1 Current input (0-20mA)

Analogue current output  1
Fully programmable
0-20 mA or 4-20 mA

Relay output  1
Fully programmable
250 VAC / 2A - 500 VA


Sub-D connector for LCP

Serial communication
- ModBus RTU (ST)
-  Metasys N2 (ST)
- DeviceNet (Option)
- Profibus Option)


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